Anya's Psychic

Look into your future, understand your astrology, and restore balance to your energy.

Palm Reader

Palm Reader

Gain insight into the traits and talents that make you unique and glimpse your future.

Tarot Reading

Tarot Readings & Crystal Readings

Experience spiritual divination with a tarot card reading or learn what lies in store for you with a mystical crystal reading.

Crystal Readings

Aura Balancing

Connect with the universal flow, have your aura colors restored, remove pain, and more with an aura balancing session.

Psychic in El Cajon, CA

Anya is a natural-born psychic who first began discovering her abilities at three years of age. Even when she was quite young, Anya knew she had special gifts and used them to entertain, guide, and comfort others. She believes there is a universal desire to know more about oneself and to find proper balance in the universe.

Combined with years of research in mysticism, astrology, and divine phenomena, Anya's extraordinary talents and experiences give her the proper foundation to give you the insight and healing you may need. Even for those who are new to psychic services and concepts of mysticism, Anya's Psychic makes all her clients feel comfortable and explains these concepts in such a way that beginners can understand. Anya invites you to consult with her and open up new doors for yourself on a new path of discovery, healing, and balance.



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